Initiatives and goals

Our goals
Establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation between Russian and Egyptian entrepreneurs

Increase and development of contact between Russian and Egyptian business communities

Assistance to Russian companies in entering the markets of the African continent, the Middle East and the Persian Gulf through partnership with Egypt.

Promotion of the Russian business entering the Egyptian market

Formulation of recommendations for organizations of the Russian Federation and the Arab Republic of Egypt on improving the investment and business climate, increasing the efficiency of bilateral cooperation

Creation of a platform for successful bilateral economic cooperation

Promotion (creation and formation) of positive Image of Russia in Egypt

Assistance in risk management of Russian companies in Egypt

Lobbying the interests of Russian private business in Egypt

Our Initiatives
Inclusion of the Russian Federation in the List of Reference Countries allowing to undergo a simplified registration procedure for veterinary medicines in the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of the Arab Republic of Egypt and pharmaceuticals in the Ministry of Health and Population of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Creation of a joint Russian-Egyptian phytosanitary commission

Creation of ‘green' channels for trade between Russia and Egypt

Transition in payment terms between Russia and Egypt to national currencies

Creation in Egypt of a cluster for the processing of food products produced in Russia

Creation of joint working mechanism between the Russian Federation and the Arab Republic of Egypt to find a solution to the issue of food security and food sovereignty
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